Friday, 27 June 2014

Super speedy summer skirt

After starting uni I noticed a need for clothes that were a little more 'practical' than I was used to. I found that sometimes all you need is something that you can throw on and be comfy while looking good at the same time. This beautiful fabric came from Spotlight in the remnants bin, it cost very little and I used the whole thing to make the skirt. All I did was square it off, add an elasticated waist and hem it. Super simple stuff. It took me about 30 minutes in all from fabric square to wearable piece of clothing.  This was made during summer but it is now winter in the southern hemisphere so it'll go back into my wardrobe to hibernate.

Voila! Mind the pattern in the background, thats for an upcoming project
 I have worn it quite a lot as its bright, super summery and SO COMFY. The thing I like about this skirt as that it stretches, bloating, lunch, whatever.....still comfy. I originally intended on eventually turning the elasticated waist into a proper waistband but I think I will keep it like this for a while. The only thing that is a negative with this skirt is that it adds bulk around the waist so sometimes it can feel frumpy and add unnecessary 'poof'. I wish I had found this fabric earlier because I've just fallen in love with it and constantly dream of making a beautiful sundress from it using one of my vintage patterns. But alas! maybe it will pop up again, you never know.

A little closer...
To make a skirt like this all you have to do is find your waist measurements and make sure it goes around your waist at least around one and a half times. Because the fabric was a small piece I used the whole entire length but depending on the volume you wish you can alter it (the more fabric = more volume). Once you have done this find the length you wish and add a seam allowance on the bottom, depending on which measurement of seam allowance you are used to. Leave enough space at the top to make an elastic casing and cut. Sew the side seams together, finishing them however you wish. Fold over the fabric at the waist to make a fabric casing, I used the width of the elastic + 1cm as the size of the channel with an extra 1cm folded over to stop fraying. After this all that needs to be done is hemming. Its pretty simple and can be done pretty much as you go along as its quite a forgiving garment to make. Its a great project for practicing elastic channeling and hemming or trying out new seam finishes.

Ooops! Too close..... how beautiful is that fabric?


  1. Pretty. great Job. I recently started a sewing blog myself Feel free to check out.

    I definitely follow yours. always good to encourage another.

    All the best.

    1. Thank you!

      I've had a look and I think yours is great! I'll follow yours too, It is always good to encourage each other. :)


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