Friday, 25 July 2014

I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine

Hurrah! I have finally some pictures of my shark dress to show you. I initially wanted to make a shark dress because in my state there has been a lot of anger about the routine culling of sharks to protect swimmers. While protecting swimmers is great, unfortunately its not a very effective or humane way of tackling the problem. There has been a lot of widespread community support against the cull and continued beach protesting which is quite an amazing thing and I thought that if there was ever a time for a shark dress, the time was now.  I fell in love with the fabric in spotlight, it was part of the 'shark bay' collection, (awesome holiday location, awesome fabric collection) and I had to have it. I must have swooned over it every time I visited spotlight until I bought it. It was just too cute with little patchwork sharkies and stripes. It makes me happy because it reminds me of Bruce from Finding Nemo, which I love. It's just so happy and the colours are so nautical, I've been wearing it a lot already but I plan on wearing it much more when summer comes.

Fabric close up! DUN DUN DUNNN. Mind the pleats that need pressing.
I used Very Easy Vogue Pattern  V8723, and boy, was it very easy! Despite some initial fitting issues such as my cutting a size too big it was almost perfect. I had terrible scoliosis up until I was 18 when I had surgery, so although my back is better than it was it still makes a nightmare for fitting the back of the bodice.  Unfortunately it gapes depending on how I move, although I did try to minimise this. I cut a size 10 cup-size D and it was too wide at the side and centre back seams. I think next time I will cut a size 8 D and maybe lower the waist a tad, however with the adjustments I made this fits fine.

I had some problems gathering the skirt so in my frustrated state I decided to roughly hand pleat them. It's not very precise, some of them are wonky and uneven, some of them stick up and it kind of looks a little like gathering but I don't mind. I wanted to get it together and wear it and thats what mattered at the time. I hand sewed the zipper and lining which I find easier than doing it with a machine.

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