Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Polka Dot Vintage Market Aug 2014

Prescription Ray Bans (wooo), self made dress, Dotti tights, Kmart flats, Sportsgirl bag.

If there is one think that gets me excited its the Polka Dot Vintage Market. I've never really seemed to have much luck when it comes to finding bargains and I've generally found it to be a bit hit and miss with stalls but I always LOVE just trawling through. So many beautiful, crazy things! It's always a good day out. The one thing that makes it challenging is the crowds, as a country girl transplanted into the big city for uni, crowds scare me. I find it rather difficult navigating the crowds of people all trying to go down the narrow walkways between tables in different directions. If you're too polite I've found you just get stuck so you just have to battle it out like everyone else! 

My boyfriend and I had a lovely day going through everything, he managed to pick up a wind up film movie camera made in the USSR and something else for one of his cameras. It's amazing, It still makes the most lovely old movie camera sound so it's fun to play with, if only we could find the film.  I managed to nab some gorgeous black 1930s/1940s shoes (pictures coming soon), a present to myself for kicking butt at my first semester of uni. 

Afterwards we made our way down to the glorious Subiaco Markets (which they are now trying to knock down). It has the BEST range of cheap food and vegetables I have seen, every single type of cuisine you could think of all in one area. It's so disappointing that they want to get rid of it because it's just so lively and bright....especially since they want to replace it with Coles and Target. I suggest going down to the markets before they do close, enjoy the food and sign a petition. It's only metres from the Subiaco train station and doesn't take long at all to get there from the city.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

So, I almost cried in the Salvos

I love op-shopping, I like to think of it as both a talent and luck, because well sometimes you have to know what you are looking at to know whether you've struck gold or not. I come from a town with many small op shops, not all that promising but sometimes you find real gems. They're not often that picked over so you can get really lucky or really disheartened. Often there are racks of disintegrating chain store leftovers that you remember seeing in the stores only a few years before. It's rough and a lot of the time you go in and hope that you're going to find something absolutely perfect. You might hope that someone has thrown out something they knew nothing about, whether it be 'proper' vintage clothes, shoes, accessories or something that will ensure a fabulous story on antiques roadshow (my favourite show).  So when you find something amazing you just have to be happy, bask in that happiness, because op shop miracles happen rarely, especially in a country like Australia. 

So here is my little op shop miracle, this beauty right here. Thats right, its a Lutterloh golden rule book from the early 60s. It was sitting there and the moment I set eyes on it the lady picked it up to show one of her regular customers, she muttered things like 'whole book of patterns', 'absolutely beautiful' and the customer nodded, as she too obviously had good taste. It's not just only the big ass book you see, but FIVE, yes FIVE supplements. I was standing there with my boyfriend assured that this person was going to snap it up right before my eyes with my mouth and eyes wide open in terror. I nearly cried, I admit I perhaps a little bit dramatic and a bit too invested in acquiring vintage patterns? Yes. So shoot me... I loved it from the moment I saw it and I had to have it. Turns out the person looking at it didn't want it, maybe they didn't sew? I don't know but I handed that cash over and this beautiful red book came home with me. I couldn't stop smiling the whole day knowing it was mine. The pictures are beautiful and although I am probably not up to the skill set required to draft and sew most of these patterns as they come with no instructions, now I just have something to work towards...It was $29.95, which is probably a good price, some people would probably say that is too much for an op shop but these things don't pop up every day. I know the money is going to help people so I think it was indeed worth it.

I really want to make the green/yellow version of this dress in a nice black velvet. The detail on the front!... *sigh*