Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sunday update

So another busy week has gone by and I haven't done anything even remotely creative. I've been planning on taking photos  of my vintage finds and finishing up my sewing projects but nope...not just yet. However this is what I HAVE done this week

1. I turned 21! Yes, little me is another year older and I feel exactly the same. I still feel like I'm 13 years old and the idea of adulthood still scares me. I had a wonderful birthday and I got extremely spoilt. I didn't do much (thats how I like it), but I am planning on having a gathering with friends later on.  I had a mini freak out because I feel like for a 21 year old  haven't done much but I came to the conclusion that comparing your life to someone else's life might as well be comparing apples and oranges. We each have our own little path with bumps and detours, some happen early on, some later on, some are big and some are small. Just gotta keeep movin' on anywaaaaaaaay 

2. I bought Gertie's new sewing book with some of the money I acquired from my birthday. Hopefully I will give it a  review once I have gotten through it. I usually like styles that are a little fancier, but I think a book based on casual vintage basics is a good place to practise skills. I'm excited to give it a go. 

3. Fell in love with Darrell Lea strawberry liquorice. It's great! They have all sorts of's just amazing. I love liquorice, but this is definitely a liquorice that non-liquorice people will love too. 
4. Attempted to break out of my makeup rut.....and failed. Winged eyeliner, neutral shadow and red lips just go together too damn well. 

5. Got accused of being sexually attracted to yoghurt in the grocery store because I was looking at it like I wanted to 'date' it.....apparently.  (I forgot my glasses so I squint at everything). The conversation was so awkward that climbing into the juice fridge seemed like a great idea.

6. Got teary while watching Telethon (Yearly 26 hour televised fundraiser for the childrens hospital and charities in Perth). I grew up watching this every single year and it brings so much hope knowing that a whole state can get together at one time and raise millions of dollars for a good cause. 

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