Thursday, 27 November 2014

Makeup does not change who you are

I always hear women say mean things about other women, mostly because they feel superior or want to make themselves feel superior simply by not putting on makeup. In this society there is some kind of crazy idea that makeup changes a person. This is even more evident in an academic environment. If I tied my hair back and wore no makeup I would probably be taken more seriously at uni than if I wore lipstick and eye liner. Why? because girls who spend time on their appearance aren't supposed to be smart, they're supposed to just stare into the mirror. Wearing makeup doesn't block information from being processed in my brain, where does this even come from? If you wear a hat or socks or have a tattoo does that make you any less intelligent than someone who doesn't? 

It really upsets me because I feel so strongly that we should support each other and we should all be equal. You do NOT have to put someone down to make yourself feel better about yourself and your choices. You can make you feel great without tearing someone else down.

 I don't wear makeup to attract guys, I wear it because I like it. I love the routine and the fact that it is five minutes out of my day that is mine. I love how creative it is and how it changes with time. I am happy with how I look, I can leave the house without it. I am 21 years old and I have skin that I am okay with, I don't need it to fill a void and I don't need it to make myself happy. I do not stare at a mirror all day, I have a life to live. I have dreams and rough patches, I have sad days and happy days. No matter what someone puts or doesn't put on their face we are all human and we all have complex lives. The 'Barbie' myth is just a myth. 

I just want us all to live in a world where we accept each other and understand that we are all unique, beautiful people with our own lives. Sometimes we get caught up on the exterior and stereotypes, but as women I think we need to go beyond that.  If you don't want to wear makeup thats okay! You don't have to wear it and not wearing it doesn't make you any less beautiful and wonderful. Conversely, it is alright to wear makeup, it doesn't make you any less intelligent or take away your humanity.

I hope you have all gotten something out of this and I hope it made sense. These are just my thoughts and of course, you can disagree. 

Alecia xx


  1. I feel the same way, Alecia! I felt quite often at uni that I was taken less seriously because of my preference for fluffy dresses, red lipstick, and huge winged eyeliner. Most of the ladies I work and study with don't wear makeup, and I think that's fantastic! But I really like wearing mine. The pressure to conform to feminine beauty standards and the denigration of the intelligence of women who do perform them are flip sides of the same coin and I really wish we could get rid of that coin completely!

    p.s. you look lovely in both your photos!

    1. I find it quite disheartening because after a while it seems like it'd be easier to just go along with it. I like who I am though and wearing dresses and wearing lipstick and bows is apart of who I am. I just wish outward appearance and intelligence were seen as two entirely separate things. Thank you for your take, It's nice to know that people feel how I feel. Its so interesting to hear other peoples stories and personal experience with this topic. :)

  2. I agree 100%! It frustrates me that because I spend time on my appearance I'm sometimes written off as ditsy or shallow. In my university environment, it is normal for girls to go to class in sloppy workout gear, and while I love that they dress how they want to, I get tired of being told that I am "so dressed up" all the time. Can't we all just wear what we like and get along? Why is dressing up and wearing makeup considered a bad thing?
    As a side note, those that make no effort on appearance in college may have a rude wake up call coming once they get out in the real world. Professionalism is important!
    Thanks for the interesting read!


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