Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Outfits of the week: indecisive weather edition

Hello! I've been working my little butt off for exams and finishing up with my assignments for the year so much that I've nothing crafty or sewing related to show you (Bad Alecia!). However since I have been trying to get out of the house more to try and break up my study blocks I thought I would show you some outfits that I have been wearing the last week. The weather has been so indecisive, It's as if you get all four seasons within the week....which is not always bad. I shudder to think of the 40+ heat waves in the coming months so I'll be happy to hold onto the cooler weather for a bit longer.

Dress- Dangerfield (old)
Bag- Vintage
Shoes- Zara
Lipstick- Santa Baby lip tint from Lush

Dress - Target (old)
Bag- Vintage
Shoes- Zara
Tights - Woolworths

Lipstick - Australis Velour lips in NY-CEE 

Please forgive the lighting and different backgrounds, I am still trying to find the best place to take pictures. I hope you all have a lovely week and to all those going through end of year exams, good luck! 

-Alecia xx


  1. Balancing blogging and uni is tough! I'm glad to have summer off ... even if it does mean those dreaded 40oC days! I really love your red dress, and that lip tint is going on my wishlist! ^___^

    1. Oh gosh, it certainly is! I am so glad to finally be on holidays. I am so dreading the heat, I can already feel it creeping up :( Thank you!


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