Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Butterick spring pattern round-up

I've become a little bit bored with butterick patterns lately, they aren't brining out as many retro patterns and even the gertie patterns come out in smaller quantities. However I have found some patterns that I like in this most recent release. I'm not going to rush out and buy everything, which is good for my bank account and the many, many patterns I am yet to sew. I think like with everything stages go by when nothing inspires you and then there are times when you think everything is amazing. I'll show you my favourites and the ones that I will definately NOT be buying, I always find it interesting to hear others thoughts on the big four pattern releases so I hope you enjoy and find this useful.

The good (what I will be buying)

B6185 - Misses Jacket, top,  dress, skirt and pants. 

I would buy that outfit straight up.....but then again I will buy anything with navy and white spots. They know my weakness. There has been a breach. 

Oooh yeah look at that collar....and are those POCKETS?

I would wear the s@#t out of that top

I dont work in an office but If I did I would wear that jacket and top every day.

B6167- Gertie Misses dress 

This dress is my favourite design of all. It comes with A/B/C/D cup pattern pieces so you can match your fit to your boobage. I'm already planning many many dresses. It's such a flattering design and I cant wait to get my hands on it.

B6156 - See and Sew top 

I really really like this top, it has a nice 1940s vibe and would look lovely tucked in with a skirt as well as untucked (pictured).  

Same shirt, less gathers, more sleeves and less pronounced tucks. That fabric seems familiar.......*cough* kwiksew *cough*. 

The okay 

B6155 - See and Sew shirt dress

I love me a good shirt dress. I feel this is quite flattering and fuss-free. 

B6175 - See and Sew top 

This is quite nice and the pattern itself has quite a few options such as sleeve length and scalloped hem. I love the collar and I think this would look very cute.

B6164 - Misses dress 

MORE POLKA DOTS! I love this fabric, its beautiful! Its quite a flattering style but it's not entirely my thing. Saying that, I do love the tucks on the neckline.

B6163 - Misses dress

This is a classic, simple style and you can't really go wrong.....except the grey lace in this picture reminds me a bit of mould. 

The not so good (AKA what I will not be buying) 

B6184 - Misses jacket, top, dress and skirt

I feel I would like this more if it wasn't so 1980s business woman.  I've bought an Anthea Crawford pencil skirt from the 80s in the same colour for $2 and the red cross.....so I'm not completely against 
the colour but the matching suit is going a bit far for my taste. Maybe in black? Maybe as separates?

B6178 - See and Sew Misses culottes  

I don't mind the culottes but the matchy-matchy fabric reminds me of pyjamas. I bet they'd be comfortable! I think they'd look awesome in a plain fabric or something like spots. 

B6171 - Misses Tunic 


B6172 - Misses top and tunic 

To be fair, this is only one of the options, I would like it much better if the weird toilet paper in pants tail was absent. 

B6170 - Misses tunic 

Hospital gown chic? I've spent too much time in hospital gowns of this colour to see anything BUT a hospital gown. Maybe that means hospital gowns are cool?!


Taste and style are completely subjective, my opinion is just an opinion. Everyones opinion counts! Just because I don't like something doesn't mean it isn't or can't be awesome. I love that we all have different styles and I want you to know that if you like something I don't, thats awesome! Variety is the spice of life and we all had the same style life would be so boring.

Also none of these photos are my own and all were taken from the Butterick website. All credit to the photos and illustrations is towards Butterick.  


  1. I really love the ones you've chosen out, especially the top few with the collars! Funny, I think I would have categorized them the exact same - not too sure about some of those bottom ones!

    1. I do love the one with the collars, as soon as I saw it I was like 'yessss'. Could be done so many ways! Oh gosh, some of them are truly awful! I'm sure there is a seamstress somewhere who could work their magic and make them work but that is not me :P

  2. That culotte ensemble is foul. Straight out of the early 90s!
    I love the 1940s-style blouse!

    1. Tell me about it! Gosh, its just awful, who chose that fabric! I'm sure it could look alright if the fabrics were different but it's just vile!

      That is probably one of the ones i'll be buying first. I have a real need for more tops and I think that'd be just perfect!

  3. I love vintage very much as well! And I also collect vintage jewelries. They are just so well made and interesting looking. ;) Thank you so much for visiting my blog and please come back more for my daily post! Take care and keep in touch!


    1. I love vintage jewellery too, its so beautiful. Thank you for commenting :)

  4. Fun fashion filled post, dear gal!

    Ditto on your thoughts regarding that final garment. It's not just the cut, but the colour that makes it smack of hospital gown-ness. Perhaps in a punchy hue or fun fabric, with the hem taken up at least a few inches, it would shake off some of that vibe but I'd still be somewhat dubious, as the sleeve length + neckline are very emergency ward garment-eseque, too.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. It is so emergency ward it's unbelievable! I feel like the model is about to be wheeled off to x-ray or be given a tray of mushy vegetables and a jug of water. (although maybe I am just projecting my own experiences onto it) :P


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