Friday, 20 February 2015

Taking stock: Feb

I read Pip's from Meet Me At Mike's February 'taking stock' post and thought it was such a lovely idea. She left an empty set so you can make your own post so I though I'd participate.

Making: Making the most of what little summer holidays I have before university begins again.
Cooking: Cooking in this terrible heat is awful. I seem to be literally cooking, I hate Feb for this very reason! :P
Drinking : Tea! Endless cups of tea! Even though its hot I will always have tea. My favourites are thisthis and this.
Reading: A whole range of books that I have accumulated lately. Currently reading this and this  I especially want to get through the Human Rights Commission inquiry into the children in immigration detention camps which I feel is important and in my area of study (mental health).
Wanting: A bigger bookshelf and bigger teapot....preferably one like this, I know, I'm dreaming!  
Looking: Looking towards the future and being excited as to what this year has in store.
Playing: Playing in the river at sunset while my boyfriend goes and takes photos. Climbing rocks, watching fish and jellyfish, cooling off my feet in the water and fighting the urge to jump right in.
Deciding: What computer I need to replace my old one before uni. Mac? PC? 
Wishing: For a couple of days of winter, just so I can feel all cozy again without getting hot
Enjoying: The last full month of relaxation 
Waiting: for university to start again
Liking: Taking cold showers in the morning to wake up. 
Wondering: About exercises that can be done with a titanium spine 
Loving: Taking cool baths with lush bubble bars, lighting some candles and reading a good book.
Pondering: What ARE those little beach cockroaches down at the river
Considering: Things to do when I'm at uni, such as volunteering and jobs. The job market is quite tough at the moment, but I am lucky enough to live at home so maybe I will do some volunteer work.
Buying: So much new stationary. Stickers, pens, pencils. I've always loved the 'going back to school' or 'going back to uni' time of the year precisely because I LOVE stationary. Kikki-K is heaven! 
Watching: The endless summer thunderstorms from my upstairs window. There is something comforting about seeing such ferocity outside and knowing that you are safe and warm (preferably with a cuppa tea). On TV I have been watching Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell and the new series of the Doctor Blake Mysteries.
Hoping: For the weather to start cooling down and for a good year in terms of academic achievement and personal achievement.
Marvelling: At the jelly fish in the river. I love jelly fish! Besides being so beautiful and majestic they are so interesting as creatures and I adore them.
Cringing: At Australian politics. Always, always, always cringing. 
Needing: The world to be kinder to animals, so much cruelty in the public eye lately and it just makes me so downhearted
Questioning: The greyhound industry, this latest news about live-baiting made me cry.
Smelling: Chloe perfume, Russian caravan tea and summer rain
Wearing: Plain cotton summer dresses and my new Melissa mini mouse flats 
Following: More sewing blogs to keep up my inspiration and to connect with more people.
Noticing: How quickly things change in your hometown after you leave
Knowing: Knowing that I still have so much technique in sewing to master.
Thinking: About these bookmarks that I really don't need but really do. 
Admiring: Those who live without fear of failure (or at least act like they do). I feel like so many things I want to do are clouded by fear and although I know that fear is sometimes a good thing I want to DO more.
Buying: Little things that make me happy, like stickers or a pretty mug. Sometimes you have to just treat yo' self.
Getting: Bored of holidays (I know in a couple of weeks I will be dying for holidays again,  but one gets tired of all this free time with nothing to do). 
Bookmarking: Fun new recipes I want to try. You can see them here! 
Coveting: Gorgeous silky 1930s bias cut dresses that I cannot afford. 
Disliking: Mosquitos that seem to come out in full force as soon as it hits dusk.  I am trialling the Moo Goo tail swat body spray which is supposed to be a natural repellant that isn't toxic. One does not want to overdose on insect repellant (it is possible, trust me). 
Opening: Opening bills seems to become more and more depressing as a student. 
Giggling: At the antics of my dog, she is so funny I cannot even explain. She has this whole huge personality and she is so small and old. It's like she is a grumpy old independent woman trapped in fluffy trousers.
Feeling: Content
Snacking: On green grapes! YUM! 
Comforting: Comforting my dog in the storms and waiting for her to sleep.
Wishing: For infinite amount of wishes (YES I AM THAT PERSON). If I could wish for one I would wish for a huge animal sanctuary farm with a veggie garden and a really big wardrobe and kitchen.
Helping: Myself by getting fitter. I've neglected my physical health since surgery about 3 years ago.....I really need to look after myself.
Hearing: Playing a rain noises app while I read a book and pretend that its raining outside. Reading feels more magical when there's rain.


  1. Feeling....content, a gift
    And if you ever get that animal sanctuary farm, please invite me to at least visit :)

    1. It is, isn't it? :) and of course you can! :)

  2. cold showers!? you're beyond brave! blood circulation thanks you though.
    are jellyfish dangerous or is that a myth?

    1. My bathroom faces the sun and it gets so hot in there that cold showers are the only way to go :P The water in the pipes isn't that bad as they are a little warmer than usual so it's not freezing, just refreshing :)

      Oh no its certainly not a myth! It just depends on the type, because not all are dangerous but some are very much so. Growing up near the beach you had to always be careful of bluebottle jelly fish being washed up or in the water. Box jelly fish are even more dangerous but the worst one is the Irukandji jelly fish. Luckily they are only common more up north. You get these cute little blobby 'moon jelly fish' down here and they are perfectly harmless, once when I was little my lovely older brother threw one at my face and nothing happened.


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