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McCalls spring pattern round up

Have you seen the release of McCalls patterns for spring? Although I don't have any more sewing updates (I just got back to uni) I thought I would give you a round of of my favourite and not so favourite designs. McCalls has never really been my cup of tea but I genuinely do enjoy some of the designs and I love how the 'costume' or 'fancy dress' patterns are always super fun and imaginative.

M7116 dress
I love this dress, the gathered shoulders and bust paired with the bias skirt leads to a 1930s/1940s feel which I think is really nice. It's also labeled as an easy pattern which is always good. I'm really excited about this pattern, I love when modern patterns have a distinct vintage feel. Don't get me wrong, I love authentic vintage patterns and vintage reproductions but authentic patterns are fragile and expensive and reproductions usually cost slightly more than 'normal' patterns. I think this is a beautiful pattern and I can't wait to get it.

M7133 Jumpsuit

I'm not one who usually likes long jumpsuits, I feel a bit claustrophobic knowing that I'm in an all-in-one.....I'm sure that makes no sense whatsoever but it somehow makes sense to me. That aside, I love this, I think it's very elegant and even though it's not completely my style I love it. The cross over front with the collar, the fitted bodice with the big palazzo pants.....It's just great. What I love even more is that it comes with a crop top / pants alternative. I think the crop top would look stunning with a skirt. Points for versatility! I think it would look so much better in black.

M7121 dress
I think this is a good simple maxi dress made for stretch fabric. It's nothing special of course, there are many patterns out there for similar designs but I think it would be great to wear. I would make this in a solid colour to wear to uni, some days you need something fuss-free and comfy, garments like this are perfect for days like that. It also comes in a short version. I'm not a fan of the colour combo or fabric choice, but hey it's not terrible.

M7126 top

This comes with a circular peplum which I like much more, it also comes with a longer sleeve length and sweetheart neckline. Square peplums always make me think of compasses, she obviously has a strained expression because her top wants to point north. Hey, at least it comes with options, thats a win! 

M7119 dress

I love the wrap front with the tie and the fact that it has a couple of variations. I like the variation that finishes above the knee best and I could imagine myself wearing it all the time in a nice fabric with polka dots. However, I HATE mullet hemlines. If I'm going to wear a long dress and risk tripping down everywhere (I'm clumsy and completely accident prone) I want to be able to NOT shave my ankles.

Mullet hemlines = all the fuss and increased tripping risk associated with maxis and none of the shave free coverage.... BOOO

M7131 Misses shorts and pants

Did Butterick not just bring out a long pleated front culotte pattern? Nothing makes me feel so cheated than having two almost identical patterns brought out by the same parent company in the same season. I mean, they both used floral fabric. I get so excited for pattern releases and it almost feels like a waste to have such similar patterns. 

M7123 dress

Okay, the only thing I don't like about this is the tail. I don't like tails on clothes and this one just reminds me of a magpie which is ironic considering that this is a spring collection. For non-Australians, google or youtube 'magpie swooping' and be glad that you are safe. 

M7124 Formal dress

I imagine this could be quite a pretty prom/formal dress. I like the version with the yoke and no flounces best, I think that one is personally more my style. She looks like a mix between a giant blue bell flower and Elsa from frozen. 

M7130 Dress and skirt

This is quite a simple pattern, I've seen many skirts like this in stores lately so I guess this will probably be a somewhat popular pattern.

M7117 Dress

This is quite a pretty pattern with a nice swishy skirt and comes with different strap and skirt lengths. Good news is that the bodice comes with different pattern pieces for different cup sizes. Nothing turns me off buying a pattern quite like knowing its going to take a lot of extra effort to cater for my boobage. 

M7122 Dress, top and leggings

This is a learn to sew pattern with a t-shirt dress, maxi version, long top and leggings. I love the long top and leggings, I think they would make awesome lounge wear. The shirt dress would probably also make a nice dress for lounge/housewear when you want something comfortable but cute enough to open the door in. 

M7118 Dress

90s Kwik that you?!

M7120 Dress with variations

Another learn to sew pattern. I like how there are quite a few variations included, while none of them are exactly my style I still think that they could look very cute.

M7115 Playsuit

I can't decide whether I love this or dislike it....I'm not one for gathers starting on the hipline....but I think the model pulls it off. To be fair....I'd probably wear it if it was in polka-dots.

M7135 Jumpsuit, maxi dress and cardigan

I love this jumpsuit, I think the model looks fierce. Again, not my style but I think black jumpsuits can look so elegant. 

M7132 Jacket

I like the overall shape of the jacket but personally I would change the fabric and the placement of the fabric. 

M7128 Top

I don't know what these kind of tops are called.....bib tops? 

M7125 Top

I know this would look terrible on me. Instant fake pregnancy. I LOVE the top though, add flowing woven tops to the list of things that I'll never pull off (unless tucked into a skirt).

M7127 Top

I love the cross over back....can a sweatshirt be sexy? Is that a thing that can happen? I

M7129 Wrap skirt

Another learn to sew pattern. I think this is an awesome project for someone who likes 'vintage inspired' clothes. Is it not a written rule that when learning to sew you MUST sew a wrap skirt? I'd still sew this even though I don't consider myself a real 'beginner beginner'.


Taste and style are completely subjective, my opinion is just an opinion. Everyones opinion counts! Just because I don't like something doesn't mean it isn't or can't be awesome. I love that we all have different styles and I want you to know that if you like something I don't, thats awesome! Variety is the spice of life and we all had the same style life would be so boring.

Also none of these photos are my own and all were taken from the McCalls website. All credit to the photos and illustrations is towards McCalls.  


  1. The wrap skirt is definitely my fave - it's the only one I've never seen the likes of in a shop, which is what makes me love a sewing pattern. And then I'll sigh wistfully as I don't have the talent to create it myself... CC x

    1. I feel like they just so versatile and easy to style in a vintage way. You're right! You don't really see them in stores, I have no idea why, because they're great!!

  2. I love that wrap skirt! And the first dress.
    I'm totally with you on mullet hemlines. I just think they look fugly!

    1. I just hate mullet hemlines, one of the things I just will never understand when it comes to fashion. But hey, some people manage to pull them off well :)

  3. I really want (need) that jumpsuit pattern! x

  4. Love that first dress and the wrap skirt - too gorgeous. I also quite like the look of the sweet little dress with the pre-done boob adjustments. It's a nice design AND I can get something that will conceivably fit me.

    Argh, every time I tell myself I have enough patterns, something comes along to prove me wrong.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

    1. I always find myself gravitating towards patterns with cup size pattern pieces, I HATE having to do bust adjustments and it makes it much easier!

      Hahaha! Oh I know that feeling! I have so many I want to get through and I always want more, more, more :P

  5. Amazing! Great post! Your blog is so beautiful! I do really like it! You did a great job! I’ll be happy to hear you opinion about my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Thank you that so lovely of you :)

  6. Having just completed making M7116 I can tell you firsthand that it was anything but easy. Maybe because it is a McCalls pattern with horrible instructions? I've never used my seam ripper more!


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