Friday, 17 April 2015

Chain store vintage: Target

Target (Australian version) is one of my all time favourite stores, I worked there years ago and found that the clothes were generally affordable and good quality. As it centres around current fashion trends you might not think of it as a place to find cute vintage inspired clothes, especially when your preferred decade is now not on trend. I have compiled a short list of cute basic items that although being modern still carry some 'vintage' charm.  I hope you enjoy!


Collared knit top - $40

Lip print knit top - $40 

Bow detail knit top - $40


 Circle Midi bow print skirt $40 

Pinstripe Ponte Pencil skirt $40 

Monday, 6 April 2015

Night Noodle Markets

Now, as someone from what is commonly thought of as the 'county' by city folk I've always been the type to jump on things when they happen. I believe that you can't complain about a city being boring if you don't make the most of what goes on. So one Friday night my boyfriend and I ventured into the city to have some good food times in the city. On this particular night the week long night noodle festival coincided on the same night as the hawkers market and dessert garden (yep, dessert garden). Needless to say by the time we got home our bellies were full of noodles, ice tea, pastries and hot chocolate. The Hawkers markets are always great and I love supporting small businesses, especially when said small businesses make amazing multicultural food! I would say to anyone in Perth, GO!

All photos were taken by my lovely boyfriend

Ps: I might not look super happy, but I assure you, I was! Does anyone else get really 'in the zone' when they are hungry and looking/thinking about food?