Thursday, 4 June 2015

Chain store vintage: Forever New

It's winter so I thought you'd all enjoy another edition of 'chain store vintage'. Forever New is by far my favourite chain store. It can be a little pricy but it has such a classic style that I love. Here are some of my favourite vintage inspired pieces that I feel could work seamlessly into either a vintage or reproduction vintage wardrobe. Enjoy!

Coat  Sale! $99.99
Coat $189.99

Cape $59.95
Coat $119.99

Skirt $99.99

Stole $69.95

Gloves $19.95 
Gloves $19.95
Clutch $49.95

Alecia xx


  1. I love Forever New! If you're ever in Melbourne there is a great one at DFO where everything is a lot cheaper (they probably have a similar one in WA somewhere).

  2. Alecia, the cape is absolutely adorable. Wow! Great stuff!
    Have a happy happy time

  3. I love Forever New! Wow that cape is amazing!!! x


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