Saturday, 27 June 2015

Pattern Round-up McCalls Early Fall/Autumn 2015

You know what time it is! I haven't done one for a while so I thought I would show some of the patterns in the new McCalls collection.

The Archive Collection

M7190-Tunic, belt and skirt

This is something quite cool and different from the other archive collection patterns provided by McCalls. I imagine someone holding a cocktail party wearing this while waltzing around the family room passing canap├ęs and champagne around to all her fabulously dresses friends and having a fabulous time.

M7184- Misses and children's skirt and top 

I am dying from all the cuteness of the matchy-matchy outfits. I love the adult version and think that both the shirt and the skirt would be awesome pieces for a vintage wardrobe. However I thin the children's version is just the cutest thing I've ever seen. I mean look at that kid, look how fabulous she looks!

Learn to sew for fun!

M7198- Shorts and pants

Dammit these pants look comfy, they're stretch! STRETCH! Also loving the late 90s SATC meets Myer catalogue chic. Kudos to this lady for pulling off a sleeveless turtle neck, thats no easy feat.

M7202- Cape

This looks so warm. Its winter in the southern hemisphere and dammit I could totally go for a cape right now. 









M7197- skirt

This is a bloody cute skirt! She looks so happy! "LOOK THEY PUT ME IN SOMETHING THAT FITS" (Just kidding McCalls, you're not that bad!) I would be so excited too if I got to wear that fabric.

M7205- Top

 Not bad! I do dislike it when they use a busy print that makes the finished product look drastically different from the line drawing. I want to be able to see the details in the top and not spend minutes wondering if thats a princess seam or a part of the fabric pattern.

M7194- Top

This looks insanely comfortable. I'm not sure about the crotch flap bit, I'm a messy eater and I can't even imagine the food stains from missed bits of dinner. However there are non crotch flap versions (YAY!)

M7185- Dress

I love this wrap dress! Its rated easy (yay!) and comes in a pencil version (pictured) and a gathered skirt version (not pictured) with either 3/4 or short sleeves. Cool and versatile, I think its fabulous, although I think I would feel a tad sell conscious in a wrap dress with a high front split


Cute but not revolutionary this is a good basic dress for wintertime.


I love this dress, It looks comfy, sexy and flattering.


A cute 60s styled dress with a straight, gathered and pleated skirt options plus pockets, tabs and short/sleeveless designs. Its a cute option for people who love the mod fashions of the 1960s. I'm not hugely into that era, however I think this is a gorgeous dress ( I love tartan). 

M7204-jacket, coat, dress, top and pants

I love this jacket. Look how elegant that model looks! You get a load of options with this pattern and could make a whole wardrobe of basics. I would buy it for that coat alone. She is killing it! 


Keyhole detail so your friends can annoy you by poking you with their cold hands


Somebody at McCalls is really into these front droopy panel bits. 


Show off your mad zip skills with this one


10/10 would buy. I can see this tucked into a pencil skirt or high waist wide legged pants to play up the vintage vibes. 

M7203- Jumpsuit

Not going to lie, jumpsuits confuse me. How do you get in? How do you get out?

Alecia xx

*All of these photos were taken from the McCalls pattern website and are not mine. All of my opinions are my own and if you like something I don't like thats okay! If I like something you think is awful thats totally okay as well :) * 


  1. It warms my heart (a lot!) that you can still get patterns for vintage looking matching mother-daughter dresses. Love, love, love!

    What a fun, inspiring post, sweet gal. Thank you very much for this super enjoyable roundup.

    Have a stellar first weekend of summer!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Ahhh so many great patterns! I love the first too... I need them.. But have a huge pile of patterns I haven't started yet haha xx

  3. These are great! I especially love the second one, I've wanted a pinafore skirt like that for ages but haven't been able to find a vintage one yet. Perhaps I'll have to make one! ;)

  4. Aw! I love the mother-daughter one! My mom and I used to make matching dresses for ourselves so this brought back such cute memories :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration


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