Thursday, 23 July 2015

A very thrifty adventure: episode 1

One of my favourite things is thrift shopping. It's the thrill of the chase that makes it rewarding, sometimes you come up empty, sometimes with things you don't need, sometimes with things you want and sometimes with absolute gold. My favourite section is the craft section. Something about the piles of old paper knitting and sewing patterns plus the old nick knacks. It's a collection of things that remind me of my nanas. Plastic knitting needles, that white lace with the pastel rainbow thread. 

On my latest trip I went to the red cross. I've always found that the red cross has the best collection of craft and I could spend hours there. Here is what I got! 

Stichcraft N. 335 - 20c 

Cozy jumpers!

"Poodle with an air of chic" - classic! 

Yep, thats not just a pineapple cozy, thats a pineapple COFFEE PLUNGER cozy. No longer will your coffee plunger be jealous of your teapot! 

Fabulous mid century advertisements

Patons 532 -70c

I bought this mainly for the shawl cardigan

Womens, mens and children....with POCKETS

20c - Straw bags, hats and hair accessories

So many bags! 

I spent just over one dollar on this trip and I am pretty pleased. 

Alecia xx 


  1. What a wonderful set of treasures! Stitchcraft magazines are absolutely amazing - I love finding them. I have a copy of that Myart Swiss Straw book, too, and I have a feeling that I'll have to try and make something from it one day. That was a definitely a dollar well spent.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

  2. Wow, so many great finds! How cute are those bags??

  3. So many great finds, it's so exciting to find a good collection of treasure!


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