Monday, 5 October 2015

A couple of weeks ago my partner took me to an exhibition opening at the Apropos Provisional gallery in Subiaco. He loves contemporary photography so this what quite a evening! Free beer, juice and wine is always welcome in my books. We had a little walk through the streets admiring the street art (it's truly fabulous in that area) and I internally praised the street artists from staying away from all the lovely old buildings. Whenever I see someone vandalise (or street art) on an old building the feeling I get is akin to what Uma Thurman feels in Kill Bill when she sees an enemy (sirens and red tinge included).  It was a lovely exhibition and I would highly recommend going to Apropos if you enjoy contemporary art, photography, art zines or books and new records. 

Bag: Vintage from the Vinnies
Sweater: Review : similar
Skirt: Forever New : similar 
My face when I realise someone has been watching me from a car.....

Alecia xx

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