Wednesday, 23 December 2015

What is (slightly) old is new again.

I'm not one to throw out clothing, I am a hoarder. I hold onto things for dear life and when it comes to cleaning out my wardrobe I can't help but think 'But I've had it for so long!' 'I'm sure I'll wear it again sometime'. This is one garment I have never gotten rid of (obviously :P), I bought it from Target about five or six years ago and have worn it constantly and I guess it must have been made well because its in pretty good condition despite being worn many, many times. I like the colours, the fit, the fabric in nice and it's an easy to wear, classic shape. I'll probably wear it until it falls apart or the fabric fades to nothingness. 

Do you have any clothes you just can't let go of? Or clothes that even after years and years you still fall back on? 

Alecia xx 


  1. What a lovely dress I can see why you would not want to part with it! I have the same ethos with my wardrobe, I struggle to get rid of any of my clothing as I convince myself I will regret it if I do, I am far too attached!! ;-)

  2. Yes (big time) to each question. I do try to be fairly ruthless with not holding on to items I don't love/wear/feel comfortable (or fit) in any more, but sometimes there are pieces that you just have to hold onto and there's nothing wrong with that. It's awesome to have garments and accessories with a sense of your own personal nostalgia embedded in them.

    Joyful holiday season wishes!
    ♥ Jessica


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