Thursday, 28 January 2016

The 'make your own stuffing guide': From a frugal cheapskate with love

I have a confession to make....I'm a total cheapskate. I feel like these days the term 'cheapskate' has negative connotations that make it an undesirable label to have. In this day and age of disposability, cheaply made and cheap to buy imports, fast fashion and extreme consumerism, throwing things out just isn't a big deal. It's not a big deal because replacing things is relatively easy; there are no wartime restrictions and rations like our grandmothers before us had and advancements in technology have made things quicker and cheaper to make than ever. However something about this bothers me, kind of like a itch that is just there and won't go away. 

When I read wartime magazine articles or see posters declaring on ways to save I aways think 'why didn't I think of that?', some of those tips are brilliant! Some to be fair are complete and utter rubbish that goes far beyond being frugal and thifty and delves deep into the realm of 'somebody really didn't know what to fill that column up with and got really desperate'. I guess really, I just love the concept of making use of what is already is available. After all, as a unemployed, chronically ill, full time student with an expensive hoppy I need ALL the help I can get and so does the planet. Throwing stuff out all the time can't be good for it....... right? 

I have so much admiration for the wartime women and the little shortcuts they created to make every little thing they had go the extra mile. I've tried to incorporate many of these little tips into both my sewing and craft projects and I must admit every time I save a dollar or two I feel like giving myself a high five.....because you know, saving money is great and I'm a huge dork. One of these little tips and tricks is how to make stuffing out of fabric. It is also great for saving space as you don't have to buy a gigantic bag of poly fill the size of a small child and store it in your sewing room (which to be honest if it's anything like mine NEEDS that space). 

To show you how this is done I just cleaned up the seams on one of the dresses I was sewing and waiting to hem. You can do this with scraps of fabric and you'll be surprised how much you get if you cut up even the smallest bit.

You WILL want to put something under the area you are working on, something like a placemat, plate or piece of card will do. As long as you can pick it up and tip the cuttings into a container you will be A-Okay. I used a pack of cardboard because I had it laying around the house and the flexibility makes it easy to pour.

You will also need pinking shears! Gosh, I do love pinking shears. 

Note: I forgot to take a picture of the fluffing process (it was too fun) so this is pre-fluffed

Basically you just want to cut and cut and CUT with your pinking shears. Make little zig-zaggy pieces. This is extra fun if you are frustrated, angry or have an epic playlist. Make sure you fluff 'em! This can be done by pulling them apart and making them all fuzzy. It's pretty fun, time consuming but fun and oddly satisfying. Once you are done you can put it into a container and keep for super fun future projects. I like to keep them for small projects so I don't have to buy a big bag of filling when I only need a handful or too. 

What frugal tips do you have? Whats the WORST tip you've ever been given (beside this one)? 

Alecia xx

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