Saturday, 29 October 2016

Land Before Doggo

My dog got a haircut recently and I made her a little jacket to help keep her warm as she has trouble adjusting. I had a little polar fleece in my stash that did the job just fine. I made the pattern myself and it was quite easy to do as I only needed a couple of measurements. It is a little square in the back as you can see but this is because of yardage constraints. As she tends to get a cold tummy I made the bands going around the bottom of her belly extra wide. The fabric reminds me of one of my favourite kids movies, Land Before Time! You can Little Foot, Cera and Petrie! 

Of course I had to attach photos of her wearing it 

She is not good at looking at the camera so I had to distract her with a biscuit

Alecia xx

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