Monday, 27 February 2017

Vera Venus sundress bodice and gathered skirt

This dress started it's life as another dress, a poorly drafted, extremely unflattering floral disaster from what was presumably a vintage magazine 'draft it yourself' section found on pinterest. It was terrible. I think I wore it twice or maybe three times at most. I had spent SO LONG on that dress trying to make something that was never going to work, work. 

A short time ago I decided to remake this dress, I loved the fabric too much and are far too stubborn a person to give to up. The pattern I used was the free sundress bodice pattern from Vera Venus. This pattern states that it is sized for a 35-37 inch bust or 34C/D-36C. I had some issues fitting the bodice as I have a small ribcage and waist and a large chest. I went through a couple of fittings before I got something that fitted okay, which is more of a reflection of my relative inexperience with adjusting patterns of this type. 

I've only just started to wear this dress as after TWO very frustrating and time consuming sews the mere sight of the fabric gave me Kill Bill-esque rage scene feeling. I am pretty happy with it now and can't wait to wear it more. I put a lot of fabric into the gathered skirt so it's extra twirly and full. It feels wonderful to swish around in. 

Fabric: Spotlight
Pattern: Vera Venus

Would I sew this again? Knowing what I know now about the fitting and what adjustments I need to make straight away...definitely!! It's free, duh. I love me some free patterns. 

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